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Learning new programming languages is fun but it can be difficult choosing which references and books to use. Most good text book will cost a small fortune and go out of date within a few months and probably wont cover everything you need.

For me the best resource comes straight from the source, for most languages you will be able to find a FREE and complete reference to develop with.

PHP Documentation – Download the complete reference in most spoken languages.

MSDN Javascript – Microsoft have a vast documentation library available on-line.

Mozilla Javascript Resource – Not great but it goes into a lot of detail, maybe too much.

Core Javascript 1.5 from Mozilla – Learn by example, much better than the previous Mozilla link

w3 CSS v1 – Full guide to CSS v1 from 1996 – 2009 in PDF format.

w3 guide to css 2.1 – Full on-line reference to css v2.1

w3 HTML 3 guide –  An awesome guide to HTML, very handy for SEO Tricks,

Action Script 3 – Official full guide to Action script 3 programming.

CS3 – The full CS3 shabang from Adobe, I haven’t found a decent Flash book yet so this is awesome.

Mysql – One of the less helpful guides but it is fairly complete.

WordPress Functions – The official function list, awesome for any wordpress project

Posted by Adi on December 5, 2009

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