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Awesome Cloud web hosting with SSD HD for $5 a month

Being a web developer for the last fifteen years it’s hard to think I got along for so long without Digital Ocean web hosting. I’ve been using them for about two years and have been the only host in all my time of making websites I haven’t had a problem with. I’m guessing the support […]

Auto update multiple installs of WordPress with cron/ssh via bash script

With WordPress being updated more frequently than ever with new security fixes and features it’s important to keep you site up to date with the lates version of WordPress. Running one update is easy and quick enough but if you have a dozen or more WordPress sites on one server you can update them all […]

Ubuntu auto restart cron for Apache and Mysql after crash

Websites never sleep but you may want to, this script lets you do that without having to worry about Apache or Mysql crashing randomly. Obviously if you have reoccurring issues its best to check through the log files and fix any issues but this will help reduce down time on vital software crashes to less […]

Apache MaxClients

Working with Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution you really do learn something new every day. Yesterday one of my servers looked like Apache had Crashed. Symptoms: Loading a web page wont return a 404 or 500 error just a blank page Restarting Apache will help for a minute or two It’s a reoccurring issue […]

Tracking visitors with PHP and Predefined variables

Although Google analytics can tell us a lot about who is visiting our websites it is still flawed in many ways. Google analytics is a powerful tool but if the user has disabled Javascript or you want to know live stats it can be pretty useless. Developing our own can be much more versatile as […]

SEO Apache Mod rewrite

I always tried to avoid using the .htaccess file as it either works really well or will take down the entire site. The code below will work on most sites using apache as long as they have modrewrite turned on and you edit the rules to suit your domain. You may ready be using a […]