Category: Node.js

Update all the packages in your packages.json file

The Node Package Manager has made it really easy for developers to make large scale apps using open source software, although it’s easy to let a project get out of hand if you require a lot. It can also be a security risk if you don’t keep them up to date. Thankfully there is a […]

Nodejs and MySQL json feed

If you’ve got experience of using Javascript I can’t recommend trying your hand at node.js more. It’s really versatile and easy to pick up, with it’s modern architecture it performs really well on processing a lot of information through things like feeds and can integrate well with a website built with a LAMP setup. For […]

Running node.js along side a website using Apache

Node.js doesn’t need apache to run but if you’re running a node.js script on the same server along side the rest of your website we can set this up with some basic apache config. Node.js will probably be running on it’s own port so make note of what that is. Take a look at your […]

Install Node.js on Ubuntu

Node.js is an amazing piece of technology for helping you develop scale-able mobile friendly websites and apps. It’s growing in popularity massively due to it’s logical and modern approach to web programming. Where as before you would need to learn something like Javascript for front end development and PHP for back end, Node lets you […]