Awesome Cloud web hosting with SSD HD for $5 a month

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Being a web developer for the last fifteen years it’s hard to think I got along for so long without Digital Ocean web hosting.

I’ve been using them for about two years and have been the only host in all my time of making websites I haven’t had a problem with. I’m guessing the support is good but I’ve never had to use it due to how easy it to manage even on a smart phone.

The main advantages of cloud hosting are:

  • Expandable memory and disk space withing a few seconds for when you have high traffic spikes.
  • It’s more cost efficient as you can scale up or down the hardware within a few seconds.
  • It’s easy to backup with the ability to clone a server.
  • It’s easy to restore backups.
  • You don’t have to rely on hardware of a dedicated server which probably only has a 2-3 year life.

With Digital Ocean they package a whole lot more compared to some of the bigger cloud hosts like Amazon AWS.

  • Digital Ocean lets you manage multiple servers through one simple online control panel
  • They have mobile apps which let you do everything from your smart phone
  • They have locations all over the world including New York and Singapore.
  • You can easily move your server between different locations by cloning and starting new instances which is great if you have an international audience.
  • Price wise you can’t beat Digital Ocean, I’ve looked all over but they have the cheapest and most easy to use web hosting packages.
  • You get full access to your cloud server with a dedicated IP and can even install virtual memory to boost performance.

Overall I can’t reccomend Digital Ocean enough for any web hosting as they have saved me a lot of time and money since I’ve been using them.

Posted by Adi on February 22, 2014

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