Flash/Actionscript wordpress RSS reader

I might come back and explain the code to this one in the future, but for now it is a basic example of how you can use Flash with dynamic content. Using and XML based RSS feed generated from word press we can use actionscript to import and interprete the tags into something we can […]

GTA game character movement in Flash AS3

This is going to be a quick introduction into game programming in Flash with AS3. The idea of this tutorial will be to emulate the movement the character had in the original Grand Theft Auto game on the play station and PC. Step 1:Make a new movie Open up Flash and click the create new […]

Tracking visitors with PHP and Predefined variables

Although Google analytics can tell us a lot about who is visiting our websites it is still flawed in many ways. Google analytics is a powerful tool but if the user has disabled Javascript or you want to know live stats it can be pretty useless. Developing our own can be much more versatile as […]

PHP foreach loop through post request

I use a variation of this code on most websites I have coded as it is versitile and full of uses when working with dynamic content. An example might be reusing the same mail() function for differant forms, you could loop through what is posted to it and print it out in the body of […]

SEO Apache Mod rewrite

I always tried to avoid using the .htaccess file as it either works really well or will take down the entire site. The code below will work on most sites using apache as long as they have modrewrite turned on and you edit the rules to suit your domain. You may ready be using a […]

JavaScript Input box control

The idea behind this was to aid design and usability by adding a label inside the input box to give an indication of what it was for. It might not be a search box, maybe you want to add labels for name and address boxes who knows. Click the input box below and see how […]